We offer a unique combination of products and services focused on the implementation of Dynamic Enhancement Technologies for the elimination of heat exchanger fouling. Have you been facing fouling problems at your facility?


THE FBHX is an Innovative and Proven Dynamic Enhancement Technology

  • Originally developed in the late 1970?s

  • Successfully applied to applications in the Process Industries, including:

    • The Chemical Process Industries

    • Geothermal Energy

    • The Pulp & Paper Industry

    • Petrochemicals & Industrial Wastewaters

  • Ideally suited to severe fouling liquids and high concentrations of suspended solids requiring high frequency cleaning cycles


Exceptional Opportunities for Process Improvements

When properly integrated with existing process designs and various heat transfer systems, which may be subject to debottlenecking or up-grading to achieve an increased increment of capacity, the FBHX Technology offers an opportunity to drastically increase on-stream reliability while concurrently reducing production costs.

Typical Applications among over 50 installations in Europe, the U.S., the U.K. and Iceland

  • Chemical Process Industries Forced circulation evaporators, reboilers and concentrators with both organic and inorganic fouling constituents.

  • Pulp & Paper Industry, Geothermal Brines Recovery and utilization of waste heat energy from hard-scaling and severe fouling groundwaters and process solutions.

  • Petrochemical Industry Reclamation of a wax laden wastewater from a Methanol Plant for reuse as a cooling tower make-up.

  • Food Processing Industry Heating of liquids containing proteins, raw juice heating.

  • Desalination High temperature MSF Evaporation of untreated sea water for the production of ultra-pure distilled water with NO scaling of the heat transfer surfaces.


FBHX  Conceptual Design Development to Resolve a Specific Fouling Problem

Provided with the critical operating parameters associated with a specific fouling problem, we develop a conceptual design of the FBHX to solve the problem. The Conceptual Design is in sufficient detail to obtain firm prices from our qualified and affiliated ASME Code Fabricators or from your preferred Fabricator.