Our FBHX Technology has been used in a variety of applications including Evaporators, Reboilers, Preheaters, Concentrators, Reactors, and Crystallizers across a myriad of industries.

Petrochemicals & Industrial Wastewaters

  • Heating Applications Evaporator or Concentrator Systems and Reboilers to handle high solids concentrations and solutions with both organic and inorganic fouling constituents; processes with polymerization fouling problems; wastewater reclamation; landfill leachate concentration; Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Projects.

  • Cooling Applications Cooling Crystallization Processes; Production of slurry-ice with continuous de-icing of heat transfer surface; Cost-effective replacement of Scraped-Surface Exchangers; Wastewater De-Waxing; Paraxylene Processing.


Oil & Gas Production

Direct generation of steam from troublesome brines with severe fouling tendencies for SAGD steam-flooding operations in Enhanced Oil Recovery; Non-Fouling Sea Water Evaporators for offshore platforms; Brine Concentrator Systems for the management and/or disposal of Shale-Oil / Shale-Gas brines that utilize the FBHX ability to function as a crystallizer at a fraction of the cost of a conventional crystallizer.

Pulp & Paper

Heating Applications:  Black Liquor Heaters, White Water Heaters, High Solids Concentrators for Water / Wastewater Minimization or ZLD Projects; Concentration of Bleach Plant Filtrate.
Cooling Applications: Waste Heat Recovery Systems involving liquids containing fibrous (fouling) materials; White Water Heat Recovery.

Mining, Minerals & Metals

Solution Mining of Potash; Fertilizer, Herbicide and Agricultural Chemicals Processing; Frasch Process Sulphur Mining; Bauxite Liquor Processing; Phosphoric Acid Concentrators; TiO2 Processing.


Desalination & Geothermal Energy

Pure Water Production from the high temperature Desalination of Sea Water or hard-scaling saline / brackish water sources; Heat / Energy recovery from hard-scaling geothermal brines (District Heating).