Economics of Fouling

Have the COSTS OF FOULING been clearly defined at your facility?

  • Increased maintenance costs

  • Oversizing and/or redundant (stand-by) equipment

  • Special materials and/or design considerations

  • Added cost of cleaning equipment & chemicals

  • Hazardous cleaning solution disposal

  • Reduced service life and added energy costs

  • Increased costs of environmental regulations

  • Loss of plant capacity and/or efficiency

  • Loss of waste heat recovery options

DID YOU KNOW THAT. . . . . .

  • Over 40 YEARS AGO heat exchanger fouling was referred to as the major unresolved problem in heat transfer

  • The total cost of fouling in highly industrialized nations has been projected at 0.25% of the GN

  • The total annual cost of fouling in the U.S. has been estimated at OVER $18 BILLION 

  • The total annual cost of fouling specifically focused on shell and tube exchangers in the process industries has been estimated at OVER $6 BILLION 

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Typical Fouling Problem Solution = 2 X 300% of clean surface + weekly hydro-blasting of the stand-by HX

When ALL of the actual Costs of Fouling are clearly defined and documented, the very significant cost-saving benefits of a self-cleaning FBHX will justify serious consideration of an installation of 120% of clean surface that actually provides 20% margin.