Self-Cleaning HX Technologies

While randomly distributed turbulent bursts may have played a role in the PAST, the FBHX Technology provides properly distributed turbulent bursts with continuous scouring of the tube-side heat transfer surfaces to insure deposit removal TODAY.

Have you ever enjoyed The Benefits of a heat exchanger that cleans itself in SEVERE FOULING SERVICE

Dynamic enhancement of heat transfer surfaces is most certainly not a new approach to fouling prevention and control when it is defined as a pro-active technique to wipe or scrape the active heat transfer surface on a regular basis to remove any deposits at the initiation stage.

Dynamic Enhancement of Heat Transfer Surfaces Past & Present


Dynamic Enhancement of Heat Transfer Surfaces Present& Future


Fluidized Bed Heat Exchanger (FBHX) Continuous On-Line

slowly gaining acceptance as the most cost-effective solution to severe inorganic/organic fouling problems found in specific niches within the process industries

Dynamic Enhancement Technologies will disrupt the sequence of events that result in severe fouling


The Self-Cleaning Fluidized Bed Heat Exchanger (FBHX) . . .

. . . as presented and described throughout our web-site is an ideal example of a Dynamic Enhancement System that provides properly distributed turbulent bursts on a continuous basis. The FBHX’s ability to function as a crystallizer handling high concentrations of TDS and TSS is derived from the fouling process disruption graphically illustrated above.