We offer a unique combination of products and services focused on the implementation of Dynamic Enhancement Technologies for the elimination of heat exchanger fouling. Have you been facing fouling problems at your facility?


THE MAJOR BENEFITS that Self-Cleaning Heat Exchangers can provide your process plant include the following:

  • Reduced maintenance costs through? the elimination of frequent cleaning

  • Minimization or elimination of hazardous cleaning operations and disposal of hazardous cleaning chemicals

  • Capital cost reduction with the elimination of heat transfer equipment oversizing and/or redundancy

  • Maximized product output and quality through enhanced and steady-state heat transfer operations

  • Lower energy costs due to reduced pumping power requirements to overcome tube plugging by fouling solids

  • FBHX Technology is ideally suited to handle the most severe fouling liquids

  • FBHX Technology is proven successful in handling fouling liquids with high micro solids content and slurries with up to 50% TSS

  • FBHX Technology offers an alternative to direct steam injection heating of exceptionally severe fouling liquids.

THE FBHX is an Innovative and Proven Dynamic Enhancement Technology

  • Originally developed in the late 1970?s

  • Successfully applied to applications in the Process Industries, including:

    • The Chemical Process Industries

    • Geothermal Energy

    • The Pulp & Paper Industry

    • Petrochemicals & Industrial Wastewaters

  • Ideally suited to severe fouling liquids and high concentrations of suspended solids requiring high frequency cleaning cycles

Typical Fouling Problem Solution = 2 X 300% of  clean surface  + weekly hydro-blasting of the stand-by HX

When ALL of the actual Costs of Fouling are clearly defined and documented, the very significant cost-saving benefits of a self-cleaning FBHX will justify serious consideration of an installation of 120% of clean surface that actually provides 20% margin on a continuous basis.